Have you ever felt like you could become more?? 
YOU can.
It Is Time To Take YOUR BODY, MIND and LIFE To The NEXT LEVEL...
Watch The Video Below To Get Fired Up and See A Bit Of What We Do at RF
There are limited spaces within the Royale Fitness Strength Club so act fast or you will miss out.
Dion Lea - HUGE weight loss which has now become a lifestyle for him. He is now strong, lean and agile. Is able to take on any and all fitness challenges and has been a huge inspiration for new comers who are just getting started. 
Daniel Dri - Dropped around 15kg but has turned his body into a WEAPON in the process, BJJ athlete, Kettlebell master and an inspiration to his daughter Zoe and wife Whitney.
Charlton Butt - Started with RF at 18 - Gained roughly 15kg and over doubled his strength. Now a head coach at Royale Fitness and is a national level competitive strongman athlete. (RF Garage Warrior)
  •  No B.S. at Royale Fitness: Most of the industry is promoting nothing but scammy programs and products whilst taking copious amounts of ''supplements'' all sharing their message through topless post gym ab pics... We will teach you what actually works for REAL people like us.
  • The Secret To Huge Transformation: You are the sum of the 5 people that you spend the most time with... RF has over 100 driven, successful, friendly and positive men who will welcome you into the team and push you to rise with them as opposed to try to hold you back (probably like most people that you have  shared your dreams and goals with)... The secret to success is surrounding yourself in this positive environment, yet be held accountable to do the work.
  •  It is possible: Due to this awesome community that already exists at RF there are men in every walk of life who are either doing or have done EXACTLY what it is you want to achieve... These are the people to chat to about how to fast track your success and skip the painful failures that they had made so you don't have to
H is a motoX rider, chippy with the target to gain size and complete one of the toughest dessert races in the world.
We are working towards this and things are looking great for the race... Size and strength is up dramatically since day one.
Erik put his trust in us to get him from 17kg overweight and out of shape to literally turning his body into a weapon... The strength club helped him achieve this in under 5 months
Shane Lonie - Started as a skinny lad trying to bulk up, now competes in strongman and is hitting every target he is aiming for
PharJack Jenkins - MMA Fighter
Matty Bellman - Began originally to help his wife get back into training, stayed for 7 years and counting, now is competing in BJJ and winning medals (RF Garage Warrior) 
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