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"I've learnt the power of clear, out of our comfort zone goal setting, I've learnt lots about food and how when used to fuel your body correctly, cravings, tiredness, temptations fade away. I've learnt be strong in body and mind." - Alli Carr

These are some of the girls results after one of our 8 week food for thought programs where we teach you how to build your own nutrition plan and hold you accountable to making it a habit

"Helping me learn and guiding us through all exercises. My riding has never felt better and I've honestly never felt stronger! It's just as important to look after your own SKILL - STAMINA - SPEED as it is our horses - I can 100% guarantee you the!'  Zo Vincent

  •  Get Lean, Toned and Look Amazing
  •  Gain Strength, Confidence, Self Belief and Have Fun Doing It
  •  Have the Support and Community that most gyms lack
  •  Be The Best YOU...
Hayley smashing her half marathon goal finishing in 1 hour 56 minutes - a PB by over 20 minutes. "Shout out to my trainer Chantel for making me strong in the gym, I feel the fittest I've ever been"
"Before and after can't believe how far I've come in 6 months23kg gone!! Thanks heaps to the Royale Fitness Family - Bring on the next 6 months!" - Kellie
"You guys know how I feel about the work you do. The gym used to be a chore for me before Royale Fitness but now it's a part of my life and it makes me happy to walk through those doors every time" - Kate staying fit and active during her first pregnancy under the guidance and support of the experienced coaches at RF
"4 weeks and 4.5kg down. Never thought I'd be able to survive with no take away, no junk food, no chocolate and NO ALCOHOL!! BUT I DID IT! Thanks to Marlee for the amazing workouts and motivation couldn't have done it without you and Royale Fitness" - Rachel 
"Best Experience EVER! Have loved everything about my fitness Challenge. The things I've learnt and achieved over the past 12 weeks is out of this world" - Jacquie 
"In honor of a nearly 10 year difference I introduce to you Maree from 2008 ... she had little self esteem, didn’t understand the meaning of self love, ate and drank away her feelings and literally partied non stop each and every weekend like a sailor on his first trip back to land .... fast forward 10 years and I am the fittest I’ve ever been physically and mentally... I continually push myself to try and succeed in areas of my life I never thought possible and I truely love the skin I live in..... little self inspiration post to prove your the only barrier in any journey - believe in yourself and stop saying “can’t”" - Maree